We Are Family Honorable Mention 2014
Achieved by Patricia Brown on 11/5/2014
Made by Digital Promise   Awarded by Digital Promise  
Description: What does this badge represent?
Presented by Digital Promise and EdSurge for the We Are Family category in the 2014 Digital Innovation in Learning Awards.
Criteria: What needs to be done to earn it?
Award category
This administrator engages parents and caregivers by offering them educational opportunities at school or by providing resources that enable learning outside of school.

Award criteria
All DILA 2014 honorable mention submissions received some of the top scores in their award categories according to the official rubric.
  • Criterion A: All submitted materials demonstrate that the practice clearly embodies the principles and ideals of the award. (This criterion is worth a total of 2x points as the other criteria, for a total of 12 possible points.)
  • Criterion B: All submitted materials share practices that are creative and innovative. (For a total of 6 possible points.)
  • Criterion C: The video has a clear message and specific practices are demonstrated, not just described by the applicant or through testimonials. (For a total of 6 possible points.)
  • Criterion D: The video is very high-quality and dynamic; camera work and editing are smooth; lighting and sound are professional. (For a total of 6 possible points.)
  • Criterion E: The first short answer provides a clear overview of the practice and how it relates to the award. (For a total of 6 possible points.)
  • Criterion F: The second short answer successfully describes the impact of the practice and any qualitative or quantitative data demonstrating its impact. (For a total of 6 possible points.)
Submission video:
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